your soulmate, your letter

“I love a good story would you read me ours”

This page is dedicated exclusively to your letter to your soulmate. The idea is to collect letters from all corners of the world–near and far–to celebrate and spread love.

Your letter can be anonymous or a public announcement of your love for someone. It’s up to you!

E-mail your best letter to Put “your soulmate, your letter” in the subject field. You will be notified if yours has been selected to be in this month’s spotlight. Check out the current featured letter below!

Share your words. Promote your writing. Celebrate love.

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A new letter is coming soon!

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30 Responses to “your soulmate, your letter”

  1. This is so shockingly beautiful it made me cry, and I do NOT cry often.

  2. i love stories!!! the intricacy of love always amazes me, especially when it happens to us…

  3. I like what you wrote, nice share!

  4. This one is my favorite.

  5. Your a great writer…keep amazing me…i love the way u write ur letters…any chance we can be pen pals..juz care…n keep writing..

  6. To the soulmate I am yet to meet:

    Stranger, I can’t wait to love you

    your face, concealed in the humble

    glimpses of light reflected in people’s eyes,

    I have met on the streets, I have let

    men’s embrace and undying moments

    incline your return down my path

    what ends did you trade along the way?

    your voice, I have never heard

    but when I do, I will know it was you

    disguised in another, how easily we forget

    nothing lasts, nothing is lost

    sun sets on the past, we rise anew,

    Lover, I can wait to know you


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